• word-processing-software

    Word processing software

    Word processing software is part of the class or sub-category of application software. Just like antivirus software or e-mail programs, it is part of the basic applications found on nearly all modern computers. Word processing software is needed to create all types of documents, from a simple letter...

  • antivirus-software

    Antivirus Software

    Today, computers are an essential part of life. In developed countries like Germany, most households are equipped with a computer, including access to the internet. No computer functions without software. Next to the system software (for example the operating system and device drivers) some...

  • presentation-software

    Presentation Software

    "Keynote" is a part of the iWork package which was designed by Apple. This is one of the best presentation software for Mac computers. Some unique tools are offered, such as mathematical functions and "SmartBuild". There is an extensive PDF manual available and its compatibility is nearly perfect....

  • drawing-software-for-mac

    Drawing Software for Mac

    One of the best drawing software for Mac is "Sketch". It is exceptionally easy to use with the buttons ordered in a clear structure. It's possible to personalize the toolbar, adding features you need and hiding others. One further advantage is that there is a brush tool available which you don't...

  • must-have-mac-software

    Must-have Mac Software

    One of the must-have Mac software is of course "Snow Leopard", the new Mac OS X operating system. It is very reliable and easy to use. 64-bit support is one of the pros of "Snow Leopard" that enables you to take advantage of the memory in your Mac. Application performance of graphic processors will...

  • ipad-software-update

    iPad Software Update

    The newest operating system for Apple's portable devices was released on October 12th and is called "iOS 5". It is praised to be better than anything else and includes more than 200 new features to make iPads even more useful. One of these features is the new Safari Browser that allows you to read...

  • software-for-animation

    Software for Animation

    When you choose animation software, you want to be sure that you have the best tool for your specific needs. It helps to read reviews about different software, which makes it easier for you to decide. Software for animation recommended by reviews is "Toon Boom Studio". It's considered one of the...

  • software-reviews

    Software Reviews

    Software reviews are highly useful tools when you have to decide on new software. You don't need to buy expensive magazines for that, you can just surf on the internet and will find a lot of detailed reviews on all sorts of software. But that's not all; often, at the same site, you are able to...

  • software-developers

    Software Developers

    Software developer is one of the most important jobs nowadays. Not a single computer is working without software and computers are used in all areas of our life. The software designers' task is to produce computer-based goods that are individually created for the customers. They mainly coordinate...

  • open-source-software

    Open source software

    Open source software, or OSS, is computer software available in source code form. The source code is a text written by programmers to develop the software. Unlike free software, open source software grants every user rights normally protected by copyright law. Any user can modify, change, study or...